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Victoria Powell


During my residency, my goal is to provide you unwavering support as you navigate life’s challenges and the grief that comes with them. Grief, often associated with death-related loss, also extends to other forms of loss. We mourn relationships, marriages, jobs, homes, and more – even parts of ourselves. I will offer you a safe space to share any pain that can accompany loss and to ask questions about the grieving process. I will also create with you the tools to develop and achieve therapeutic goals as you continue to walk your path. There is life after loss, and we will get there together.

My journey as a therapist began at James Madison University, where I initially struggled to bridge my love for the arts and my psychology studies. The “lightbulb” moment arrived during a “Arts in Healthcare” workshop, introducing me to the world of Expressive Arts Therapies (EATs). Students and professionals alike were guided through interventions designed to build trust, connection, and communication through art. Taking a leap into the unknown, I realized that the creative outlets from my childhood – painting, dancing, singing – held healing power. 

My education continued at Lesley University in their Clinical Mental Health Counseling master’s program. Immersing myself in Expressive Arts Therapies’ theories and applications, I learned how the fusion of the EATs with conventional therapeutic approaches equips the individual with a unique set of coping skills and avenues of communication. Since graduating, I’ve had the honor of supporting families in end-of-life care and hospice. In addition to individual counseling, I’ve enjoyed running support groups both for adults and children utilizing art for communication and processing. At Phases Therapy, I am branching out to provide support for individuals and couples desiring counseling for relationship issues. 

Whether you find healing through art or through words, I look forward to walking alongside you as you navigate this phase.