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Natalie Thomson

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ften because of events we cannot control, some people may experience trauma while others feel the effects of anxiety, depression, and other mental health difficulties.  I strive to help clients make sense of their traumatic experiences and to develop coping skills for times when life’s circumstances lead us through challenging times.  It is my goal to walk with clients on their journey, assist them to rebuild their resilience and provide a safe, confidential space where clients can emerge from suffering into healing and restore their quality of life.

I am a resident in counseling in the state of Virginia and a graduate of Old Dominion University and I enjoy working with children, adolescents, and adults. I also enjoy working with various diverse populations, including the Latinx populations due to my familiarity with Latinx culture.  I am a trans-, LGBTQIA+, and neurodivergency-affirming counselor and have experience working with clients in the polyamory and kink community.