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Metaphysical Services

We are now offering metaphysical services (please see below for our various services and pricing). In the future we plan to incorporate more, so please stay tuned for those announcements! Keep in mind that these services are for entertainment purposes only and are not therapy or licensed medical or mental health advice/treatment. Your metaphysical provider can work with our clinicians to coordinate support and care in order to enhance and complement your journey. Your metaphysical provider will ensure all the same steps are being followed in order to protect your privacy (HIPAA) the same as all of our licensed therapists. These services are self-pay only since they are not provided by a licensed professional and are not mental health services. If you have any questions about the services being offered, please reach out, and we will be happy to answer.

Services offered

Consult Call with Metaphysical Provider 

Free 15 minute consult call available to discuss your needs and to see if you and the provider are a good fit! This is also great for scheduling and determining the correct service for you

Metaphysical Hypnotherapy

Focused on the mental and emotional bodies, hypnotherapy can be used for many things including, but not limited to, pain management, weight management, habits, trauma healing, inner child and inner family healing, and past life regression. Sessions last approximately an hour long, including the debriefing, although past life regressions can last longer. $150

Shamanic Healing

Focused on the spiritual and emotional bodies, these sessions focus on an unhealed pattern in our lives and clearing out the associated heavy energies and emotions from our chakras, as well as any unwanted cords and any past life wounds that may be associated with the pattern. This is not a past life regression, rather it is clearing your energy field of these things. Sessions last approximately an hour, including the debriefing. $150

Shamanic Hypnotherapy

While I may utilize some techniques in both base services, this particular one involves a hypnotherapy session and a full shamanic healing. Sessions last approximately an hour and a half to two hours.  $250

Reiki – Energy Healing Somatic Work

Focused on the flow of our spiritual source energy, Reiki can help improve the balance of energy in your body, this can support spiritual and mental healing, and reduce symptoms of mental health issues. Reiki encourages those to take an hour out of their day to focus on themselves by tuning into and listening to their bodies needs. This practice aids in energy healing and has Japanese roots. The practitioner uses Reiki as a tool to help channel soul healing, energy recycling, and promote guided relaxation. Sessions will last 1 hour, this includes consultation, informed consent, a guided mediation, and energy healing.  $100/hour, In-Person Fredericksburg

Oracle & Tarot Reading

 individual readings using either tarot or oracle decks with your choice of reader. Helps to provide perspective, insight, and support.
  • 30 Min Session $45
  • 60 Min Session $80

 *NOTE* If you are seeing one of our readers as a therapist, they cannot provide a reading for you.