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Metaphysical Consent

Updated September 2023

The metaphysical services provided through Phases Therapy, Inc. are for entertainment purposes only. It is not psychotherapy or licensed medical/mental health advice or treatment. This is self-pay only.


  • Your metaphysical provider is not a licenced medical/mental health provider.
  • Your metaphysical provider can work with our clinicians to coordinate support and care in order to enhance and complement your journey.
  • Your metaphysical provider will ensure all the same steps are being followed in order to protect your privacy (HIPAA) the same as all of our licensed therapists.
  • These services are self-pay only
  • Notes on your metaphysical session will be kept on file and adhere to HIPAA standards, but designated separately from clinical notes.
  • If I cancel my session under 24 hours before my appointment or no show, I will be subject to our cancelation fee of $125. Three late cancellations/no shows are subject to termination of services.
  • I agree to have a viable credit card on file, along with my demographic information before the start of my session.


  • The frequency and type of sessions will be decided between my Metaphysical Provider and me.
  • I understand that the purpose of this/these session(s) will be explained to me and be subject to this consent and documented agreement.
  • I understand that there is an expectation that I will benefit from Metaphysical Services, but there is no guarantee that this will occur.
  • I understand that the Metaphysical Provider is not a medically licensed professional and does not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any condition. Phases Therapy, Inc. can provide recommendations and/or support if needed/applicable.
  • I understand that maximum benefit will occur with consistent attendance, as agreed to, and that, attimes, I may feel conflicted about my metaphysical experience, as the process can sometimes causeemotional discomfort.
  • If this metaphysical hypnotherapy is for weight loss, I have/will check with my physician to be sure thata weight loss program is safe for me.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to seek medical care from a licensed physician for any physicalillness or ailment.


Research has found that memories uncovered during hypnosis, or other forms of induced altered state,may not be factual or accurate. Memory is a constructive reconstructive process. What is remembered about an event is shaped by what was observed, by conditions prevailing during attempts to remember, and by events occurring between observation and the attempted remembering. Memories can be altered, deleted and created by events that occur during and after the time of encoding, during the period of memory storage, and during attempts at retrieval. Memories that occur either spontaneously or following the use of special procedures in hypnotherapy or therapy may be accurate, inaccurate, fabricated, or a combination of these. This suggests that any memory uncovered during a hypnosissession be considered as a possible construct of mental process, and not necessarily an actual event. Therefore, in the event that during the course of hypnotherapy and other memory focused metaphysicalwork, memories should surface that may be considered grounds for future litigation, you may lose your legal right to use this information in a court of law, as it would not be admissible.


If it should occur that certain types of memories begin to surface during a session with your Metaphysical Provider, the session will be discussed so that you may decide whether or not to proceed further with hypnosis, based on your understanding and careful consideration of the above information. Consultation with your clinician may also occur and be considered.

I have read, fully understand and consent to these metaphysical services provided and release Phases Therapy, Inc. and it’s providers (metaphysical and clinical) from any liability and recognize that these services are for entertainment purposes only.