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Kat Devereaux

I am the owner and lead therapist of Phases Therapy, Inc.  While I am comfortable working with most mental health diagnoses, behaviors and concerns, my main areas of speciality tend to be with the things that are outside of the binary like trauma, neurodivergency, spiritualism, sexuality, gender, and alternative lifestyles. I love working outside of the patriarchal norm and empowering my clients to live their best lives. I use a mixture of treatment modalities that are the most appropriate for the client’s presenting needs. I meet you where you are and we explore your needs and what your therapy goals are. I do love to use internal family system (IFS) techniques especially for trauma, but for many different diagnoses as it is appropriate for the client.

I have a very unique and varied background. I started my career as a middle and high school french teacher and did that for over 8 years. I have worked with teenagers and adults for the majority of my career. I have sat in many IEP meetings as both a teacher and Mental Health professional. When I switched to mental health, I was able to work in most areas of mental health. I have been an intensive home counselor, a support coordinator, a therapist, and for a crisis prevention, stabilization, and education program/hotline for those with Autism and ID. I have a good understanding and working relationship with emergency services. I have also worked in inpatient addiction programs, helped facilitate various addiction and mental health groups, and worked with individuals, families, and more. I am also a former “marine brat” and I have lived all over the world. I believe this has helped me to see the world from all sorts of different perspectives.