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Courtney Diener

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Consent is everything to me and I seek to create an environment where clients feel safe (enough), affirmed, and supported, by using a strengths-based approach that centers compassion and a deep respect for the therapeutic relationship as a powerful tool in growing in healing and recovery.

My own experiences as a trauma survivor and person with an eating disorder have taught me that one of the most powerful and centered feelings we can have as humans is to that of inner knowing. My wish is that therapy serves as a container for you that allows exploration of your sense of self, connection to your needs and boundaries, your own powerful sense of inner knowing, and the experience of viewing your life with self-compassion. 

As a therapist, my values of anti-oppressive practice, harm reduction, neurodiversity affirming support, trauma-informed care, sex positivity, queer liberation, and a Health at Every Size/ anti-diet are the foundation to which I center my work. I approach all therapy with an understanding of the ways our lived experiences, the environment around us, and the systems we live in impact our mental health and who we are as people. Together we will explore self-compassion and a develop a growing sense of connection to our own needs and boundaries.

I have spent over a decade as a survivor advocate which has formed a passion for working with survivors of trauma and especially with people who have experiences of complex trauma, C-PTSD, and childhood trauma. I also have a passion for working with people who are recovering from disordered eating, diet culture, body image distress, and who are seeking a sense of body liberation and recovery within their lives.

I let all my clients know that you may occasionally be greeted momentarily by an appearance of one of my two cats, Mr. Meow or Serenity, as well as my dog named Mabel. I consider myself a pretty casual/cozy therapist who believes in the importance of honoring our needs and with that I want you to be able to show up to therapy as you are and I promise to do the same!