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Ashley Aikey

As an eclectic pagan, I’ve always sought to bring together and blend different practices that call to me. Tarot has been a part of my personal practice for many years, and I’m pleased to be able to offer it to others as a tool to help gain insight into situations. In 2021, I met the woman who became my teacher, and she trained me in the shamanic traditions of the Q’ero peoples of the Peruvian Andes as well as hypnotherapy. I’ve found both of these to be incredible tools on my journey of self-healing and discovery. After years of working in customer service, I understand how difficult making time for yourself can be and the guilt and shame people will try to force on you simply for taking the time to make sure your own needs are being met and thinking of yourself, even as an afterthought, and especially for wanting to follow your own dreams. I chose to break away from old patterns and thinking and bring what I’ve learned to others, to help them heal, discover (or rediscover) themselves, and find and follow their passions. It is an honor to work with you on your own healing journey.