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Abi Daugher


I am a Resident in Counseling with a broad range of experience working with many mental health difficulties. I began as a research assistant at VCU and worked my way to Psychometrist at the Veterans Affairs in Richmond, VA. This experience led to getting my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, specializing in Military and Veteran mental health. I was trained in Reiki and provide metaphysical services as well.

My approach to counseling is to help guide people into a further understanding of their mind, body, soul, and spirit. With curious exploration, I aim to keep an open mind for listening to the client’s whole story to get a holistic understanding of someone’s well-being. I strive to be a gentle presence in the room and provide stability for clients. During sessions, I encourage folx to reflect upon their life story as if it were reading their own autobiography. Healing from emotional hardships and gaining connection back to our bodies needs proper support. In session, we can take an in-depth into those life experiences that have created a block between mind, body, and soul. I enjoy working with folx trying to understand themselves and former experiences on a deeper level. While our past does not define us, sometimes those past events can create further difficulties in how we walk through life. My approach is to guide those sitting across from me to reflect on their inner and outer life and encourage advocacy for their own voice.