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We Welcome

All Races • All Religions •  All Sexual Orientations • All Gender Identities and Expressions  • All Countries of Origin • All Abilities • All Ethnicities • All Bodies • All People


Welcome to Phases Therapy, where we believe everyone deserves access to compassionate, empowering and affirming care! Our practice is proudly owned and operated by queer, alternative folx who understand the unique challenges and experiences of our diverse clients. We are deeply committed to social justice and helping with the needs of marginalized communities. We believe that each person has the ability to lead their most powerful, productive & positive life as it means to them (and not just doing what society says to!).

At our practice, we believe in fostering an environment that is safe, supportive, and non-judgmental. Our core values center around advocacy, authenticity, safety, being trauma informed, empowerment, and compassion. Whether you are a teenager or adult, we work with each client to identify the unique needs and help support and guide on this journey with a tailored fit. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and identities, including but not limited to the LGBTQIA+ community, Gender Spectrum/Trans, Ethical Non-Monogamy/Polyam, kink, sex workers, metaphysical/energy workers, BIPOC, and the Disabled population. We are committed to providing a safe, affirming, and meaningful therapy experience with a good dose of humor, sass, and laughter too. 

Advocacy is central to our practice and quality of care. As advocates for our communities, we prioritize creating a space where everyone feels valued and heard. We recognize the intersections of identities and the impact they have on mental health, emotional health, and physical health. We work to address these experiences and their impact during our sessions with our clients. Our therapists prioritize discussing social and political issues in therapy, due to understanding how these topics impact the lives of our clients, making therapy a transformative and empowering experience. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with any of our clinicians, and take the first step in your journey towards healing!