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We Welcome

All Races • All Religions •  All Sexual Orientations • All Gender Identities and Expressions  • All Countries of Origin • All Abilities • All Ethnicities • All Bodies • All People

We believe that each person has the ability to lead their most powerful, productive & positive life as it means to them. We are focused on being very compassionate & person-centered guides during your personal journey. At the end of the day, you, the client, are the one living your life & dealing with your choices, consequences, & actions. It is our job as the therapist to provide you a safe, supportive, & non-judgmental space to explore your life, inner parts, & what makes sense for you. We can provide this and more with compassion, humor, good hearted sass, and empowerment.  Life is never black and white or “in the box.” We truly love helping our clients to embrace who they fully are and to help them live their lives in the way that makes the most sense to them. We all have “stuff” and sometimes we just need a safe space and a knowledgeable guide to help us through, cheer us on, and help ourselves live our most authentic lives. Sometimes we just need someone in our corner to help validate, sort, process and support. We endeavor to create that safe and empowering space for you.
We proudly are LGBTQ+ owned and a safe space, advocates and support for gender/trans, LGBTQIA+, ENM/polyam/alt/kink lifestyles, sex workers, energy workers, all religions, and all walks of life.